Accounting Office Manager - Part Time

  • St. John Lutheran Church
  • Oct 29, 2018
Part time Accounting Admin-Clerical

Job Description

St. John Lutheran Church is searching for applicants for the part time (20 hours) position of Accounting Office Manager.  St. John Lutheran Church is located in Belle Plaine, MN and is a welcoming ELCA community with more than 800 active members.  Qualified individuals will need a two year accounting degree or equivalent experience. In addition, individuals are expected to show initiative, communicate efficiently and effectively for a Christian environment and provide organization and leadership for the congregation. Interested individuals are invited to apply by submitting an application available at

The Accounting Office Manager is a key person in the organizational functions of St. John’s congregation. This position directs the physical operations of the church office and plays an important role in communication and coordination of church activities and in supporting paid and volunteer office staff on a part-time basis. This position is also responsible for maintaining all of the financial books and records of the church.

I. Purpose: 

To serve as the front line for the church operations and provide financial accounting support for the Treasurer, Church Council and Congregation.

 II. Qualifications:

  • Computer skills: be proficient using Macintosh hardware, Microsoft Office, Web-based contact management and calendar systems.
  • Clerical skills: be proficient in grammar and editing, word processing, spreadsheets and using office equipment.
  • Be comfortable working in a Christian environment.
  • Be an effective manager of resources.
  • Work well with people, organize materials, liaison and negotiate contracts with vendors/contractors.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Be a self-starter who is able to work independently, recognize needs/gaps/opportunities, and initiate suggestions to improve church processes.
  • Have a philosophy of leadership that encourages and develops teamwork and focused on continuous improvement.

III. Responsibilities:

  •  Manage and maintain all financial transactions and payroll for St. John.
  • Assume the role of receptionist during the weekday morning hours. 

 IV. Specific Duties to be performed by Accounting Office Manager:

 Financial Records and Reports 

-  Manage and Maintain Membership Contributions:

-  Maintain pledge commitments from members.

-  Receive member contributions and record weekly receipts.

-  Coordinate and maintain up-to-date documentation of online member giving systems.

-  Record all tax deductible contributions by members throughout the year when the amounts are known by person. This includes weekly offerings, memorials, ice cream social monies, confirmation monies, VBS monies, and all other monies for which no goods or services are received.

-  Mail donor statements to all members every four months. 

-  Maintain General Ledger Accounting System:

-  In general, maintain all the books and records for the General Fund, the Building Fund, the Property Improvement Fund, the Youth Fund, the Memorial Funds and the St. John Foundation.

-  Using Fund Accounting, record all deposits including, but not limited to, weekly offerings, rents, memorials, and electronic receipts.

-  Using Fund Accounting, pay all invoices and record the disbursements in the general ledger on a daily basis.

-  Record all money transfers in the general ledger on a daily basis.

-  Balance and reconcile all general ledger bank accounts with the appropriate bank statements for checking, savings, and other funds on a monthly basis.                             

-  Process year end accounting entries, assist the Treasurer in preparing an annual accounting for the Audit Committee.

-  Assist the Treasurer in preparing year-end financial statements for the Annual Report.

-  Assist the Treasurer in completing the required annual reporting to the ELCA

-  Assist the Treasurer in creating and maintaining a Balance Sheet in the general ledger system.

-  Maintain all St. John bank accounts:

-  Deposit all monies by noon on Monday in their proper bank account (General, Building, Youth, etc.)

-  As additional monies come in throughout the week, make deposits as soon as practical.

-  Maintain the highest degree of confidentiality over the information required to access the accounts electronically

-  Electronically transfer funds between bank accounts throughout the year as directed by the Treasurer.

Maintain the books and records for the Jr. Sr. High Youth Account:

-  Keep an inventory of all script cards.

-  Order additional script cards as directed by the Mission Group leader.

-  Account for all income and expenses throughout the year. Prepare an annual summary at year-end for the Annual Report.

-  Prepare quarterly summaries for the Church Council’s review.

-  Administer semi‑monthly payroll:

-  Prepare paychecks on a semi-monthly basis for the Treasurer’s signature.

-  Maintain all payroll records in the general ledger system.

-  Collect and maintain in a very secure location, all Forms W-4, I-9, and any other required employee government documentation.

-  Complete all monthly deposits of payroll taxes on an accurate and timely basis.

-  File quarterly payroll tax forms with the federal and state governments.

-  After the Treasurer’s review, distribute Forms W‑2 to all employees at year end.

-  File year-end tax forms along with Forms W‑2 to federal and state governments.

-  Complete tasks required for annual worker’s compensation insurance audit. 

Other Duties as Needed and Directed 

-  Initiating and completing tasks to support the ministry of St. John as needed or directed by Pastoral staff, the Treasurer or Council.